The projects are made by a group of young and ambitious engineers, using modern software:

  • AutoCAD for producing drawings
  • GID for product building axonometric images of plants and gas and to generate explanatory notes and specifications

Graphic design documents are implemented on the color printer and plotter (for large format drawings).

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Delivery and construction works

A group for construction activity works in the company, composed of highly qualified managers and technical workers who have advanced welding, drilling, cutting and measuring equipment.
We build:

  • Gas, heating and water supply and sewerage systems are implemented in residential and public buildings
  • industrial installations for: natural gas, butane gas, nitrogen, air, oil, steam, industrial water in the halls and open areas
  • over ground and underground steel pipelines and polyethylene (high and low pressure)
  • storage of butane gas
  • gas stations for methane and propane-butane
  • gaz signalization alarm systems
  • compressor systems
  • automated heating systems
  • steam boiler stations
  • soften plants
  • pipeline insulation etc.
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Organization in the store creates an opportunity to advertise and easy access to all types of products. PRISTA GAS LTD works with high quality Italian equipment supplied by well-known distributors in the industry: TOPLIK-Co Ltd, TOPlik Ltd, GAZTERM Ltd, Amaks Gas Ltd, Gaztehnika AD, Glinved Plc., IMI International Ltd., INTERMETAL LTD. Materials and consumables are arranged on stands by types, brands and manufacturers and are marked with labels. Rapid and efficient supply and activities organization of the store and warehouse is provided by computer software GenSoft.

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An Atelier of warranty and post-warranty services is located within the shop. This Atelier is equipped with modern tools and the relevant technical documentation, which ensures timely response to any problems in the industrial products used in the installations.

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